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Lifeberry juices are also convenient in the diets of physically active people who train various types of sports. Their positive influence is confirmed by people who are icons in the world of sport and healthy eating: Krzysztof Radzikowski, World Champion in World Strongman Federation, Dawid Szajrych, sports nutritionist and personal trainer, and Elzbieta Nowak, Olympian and European basketball champion.

“Because of its natural composition, puree juice will be a healthy part of a daily balanced diet, both for a professional athlete and an average physically active person. Lifeberry offers a wide range of flavors rich in valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, thanks to which this natural snack is also a treasury of nutritional values ​​necessary for our body. Due to the low calorific value, regular consumption of fruit has a positive effect on maintaining a good figure. Puree juices are made from whole fruit, so they will successfully replace fruit portions, offering a wide variety of applications in the kitchen. Thanks to Lifeberry, quick, healthy and wholesome meals will not only be distinguished by a deep, naturally sweet taste of fruit, but also will be enriched with large amounts of fiber and antioxidants.”

Dawid Szajrych
Sports Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

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“Lifeberry is not only a healthy snack, but also a product with a wide variety of culinary uses. It is an indispensable element in my kitchen due to its unique taste and aroma, thanks to which the dishes become extremely appetizing. The natural density and efficiency of puree juice enables us to successfully use this product as a base for meat and fish sauces, seafood and salads, as well as an addition to desserts, breakfast dishes, ice cream, cocktails and tea. Lifeberry is an excellent choice for creative cooking enthusiasts who would like to surprise with the originality of their dishes, as well as people who want to easily and efficiently prepare exquisite and healthy dishes.”

Wojciech Harapkiewicz
Chef - Seafood & Venison Culinary Specialist