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How much fruit
is in the juice?

Did you know that different types of juices have different fruit contents?

😡 The drink contains only 5 to 25% of fruit juice.

🙄Nectar is a combination of 50% juice with water, sweeteners, colors and flavors.

😍 Lifeberry puree juice contains 100% fruits - no added water, sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, dyes or thickeners. Of all the types, it contains the most vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, because it is made of whole fruit!

Now you know which juice to choose to strengthen your body 🍓

From Nature, The Healthiest

Puree juices have more dietary fiber, vitamins and nutritional value than squeezed and pressed juices, because their production involves the skin and flesh of the fruit. .

NFC (Not From Concentrate) is a very important label that can be placed on juices that are not made from concentrate or concentrated juice, but directly from fruit, thanks to which they are the least processed and contain the most nutrients.

In order to extend our products freshness, without the addition of preservatives, they are pasteurized at 80 'C. Pasteurization has been used for years to extend the expiration date. This process destroys microorganisms and enzymes that could spoil the juice. Products subjected to this process are completely safe and equally healthy. The nutritional values ​​on the labels are a real reflection of them after the pasteurization process and are very similar to those contained in the fruit itself.

Are you wondering if the puree juices contain sugar?
Are you surprised by its content in the juice? Of course, Lifeberry puree juices contains sugar, but only sugar that is naturally present in the fruit. Fructose, glucose and sometimes sucrose are sugars, usually making up about 10% of the weight of fruit juice. We promise that there is no added sugar or sweeteners in Lifeberry juices, and their sweetness comes directly from the juicy, sun-ripened fruit!

Because nature needs no improvement.


Dodatkowa zniżka 15% na wszystkie soki i smoothie. Kod: ZDROWIE15. Darmowa dostawa przy zamówieniu minimum 2 boxów