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Every day we build the trust of our customers by providing them with 100% natural puree juices. The production is based on the idea that nature needs no improvement.

This means that in a bottle of Lifeberry juice, you will only find mashed fruits, along with the flesh and skin, with no added sugar, sweeteners, dyes, preservatives, flavors, thickeners or even water. We produce pureed juices directly from fruit, not from concentrate. Yes, it's that simple!

We believe in the magic of fruit. Referring to the opinions of specialists and doctors, we want to develop the nutritional awareness of our customers, showing that fruit consumption has an important role for our body. Fruits are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals that our body needs to prevent and fight infections.

As our products are completely natural, there are no age restrictions for their consumption. They are perfect as a supplement to your child's diet, as well as a healthy gift for your grandparents!



The ceremonial planting of the first blueberry bush took place in 1999. Since then, every day we have made a strong effort to ensure that all the fruits from our orchard plantations are of the highest quality. Our company is made up of passionate people, for whom one of the main goals is to provide our customers only the healthiest products - the same that we would like to eat.




Dodatkowa zniżka 15% na wszystkie soki i smoothie. Kod: ZDROWIE15. Darmowa dostawa przy zamówieniu minimum 2 boxów